Breakout Beasts

The buildable beasts with a slime surprise!

Discover 5 Breakout Beasts™ to build

Image of: Blackheart™
Image of: Boulder™
Image of: Ironclaw™
Image of: Tempyst™
Image of: Torchwing™


Blackheart™ is a fierce dragon with blazing red skin and powerful hind legs. He uses his fiery breath to defeat enemies!



This gruesome gargoyle uses his huge forearms to strike hard and fast! Tough as stone, Boulder™ makes opponents hit rock bottom!



This is a beast with bite! With sharp claws and sharper teeth, Ironclaw™ is a wicked wolf that can’t be chained up!



Tempyst™ is a shocking blue dragon who can battles on all fours. He uses his razor-sharp claws and stormy water-breath to claim victory!



Torchwing™ is a scaly green dragon with steely horns and spikey tail. Ironclad in armor, he likes to butt heads in battle!


Unleash your beast and build the action!

Mystery Monsters!

You never know which beast you’ll find inside!

It’s Slime Time!

Open the egg and release a slime surprise! Which color will it be?

Build Your Beast!

Dig out the pieces to build your beast! Which one will it be?

Battle Them All!

Collect, build and battle all your Breakout Beasts™!

Create Custom Creatures

Mix and match pieces to make your own monsters!