American Girl™

Samantha welcomes you to her magnificent manor!

Explore this beautiful Victorian-era home and get the grand tour before designing your very own décor for Samantha’s Victorian Manor.

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Meet the girls! Who’s your favorite?

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Meet Luciana

Girl of the Year® Luciana Vega has a head for science and a heart set on exploring Mars. She is an aspiring astronaut who goes to Space Camp and has all the tools she needs to invent a bright future!


Meet Kit

Kit Kittredge is an expert at finding creative ways to have fun. She has a knack for DIY, and loves spending time with her dog, Grace. When it’s time to lend a helping hand, Kit always scoots into action!


Meet Julie

Julie Albright is a winner. If there’s one thing she loves, it’s playing basketball. Fun-loving and spirited, Julie is also very determined. She practices at her court every day, because she wants to be the best!


Meet Mia

Girl of the Year® Mia St. Clair has grown up on the ice. She’s passionate about figure skating, and knows deep down that she belongs on the rink where one day she’ll become a world champion!


Meet McKenna

Girl of the Year® McKenna Brooks loves gymnastics! She dreams of being a champion, and knows that practicing and staying positive will help her reach her goals—and have fun, too!


Meet Nicki

Girl of the Year® Nicki Fleming is a natural with animals. Growing up at the Twilight Ranch keeps her busy, and Nicki’s favorite activity is going for a ride on her horse, Jackson.


Meet Grace

Girl of the Year® Grace Thomas is full of big ideas. She likes to invent new recipes, and when she gets the chance to travel to Paris, it becomes the perfect place to cook up new delicacies!


Meet Isabelle

Girl of the Year® Isabelle Palmer is a talented artist who dances to her own beat. When she’s not performing, Isabelle loves to create her own choreography and she even writes her own music!


Meet Lea

Girl of the Year® Lea Clark is eager to go on big adventures! When her family travels to Brazil, Lea volunteers at an animal sanctuary, where she cares for exotic animals in need!


Meet Saige

Girl of the Year® Saige Copeland expresses herself through art. She’s an artistic girl who lets her imagination guide her to inspiration. When she wants to get creative, Saige goes on a hot-air balloon rides!


Meet Kanani

Girl of the Year® Kanani Akina lives in Hawaii, on the island of Kaua’i. She’s a cheerful girl who shares the aloha spirit and wants to make life better for others!


Meet Lanie

Girl of the Year® Lanie Holland loves making discoveries in the great outdoors—even in her own backyard. She’s an energetic girl who dreams of being a scientist, exploring wildlife as a biologist!